Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

The first thing to expect when reading a Francine River book is a love story between two unlikely characters.

The Masterpiece was centered on two main characters Roman Valesco AKA Bobby Ray Dean and Grace Moore. As always Francine Rivers pitted two seemingly different characters together, and you should expect a love story. Nothing steamy but definitely passionate.

Roman is an artist, a mural painter by day and an illegal graffiti artist by night. Anything to soothe the anger and emptiness inside. I appreciated that he was practical enough to understand what sells.

Grace Moore at first glance seemed like a woman in search of direction and who understood the importance of God’s leading, Not that I was wrong, but we eventually realize that there is much more to their characters than their problems. And maybe they are not so different after all.

Both of them have gone through loss and loneliness and were shaped into people on opposite sides of the spectrum. One angry and running and searching for something he couldn’t identify. The other understanding that God was all she needed to be okay and trying to put her life in place. One blind and the other seeing.

What I loved the most about this book as I do in every Francine Rivers book is that she always reiterates that sometimes we need to step away from our feelings of love and safety and know God for ourselves. That our relationship with God cannot be through another no matter how much they love us or we love them.

Some defining moments in this book

  1. When Roman first talked about the blond girl escaping. It was the moment I was 75% convinced that Samuel was his (pg 62)
  2. When Roman died and Jesus rescued him. There was something about that part that shook me
  3. When he went back to San Fransisco for closure and realized that he almost got sold off. It was then he understood that God was always looking out for him

It’s an excellent read if you are into Christian romance novels and its just about 400 pages.


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