Illusion pt. 2 (novelette)

I know how this looks

I don’t snoop, I really don’t. I don’t check Kefe’s phone or messages, and I don’t believe he’s cheating on me. I trust my gut that much.

This was really an accident.

All I wanted was to get a little work done before I have to go into the office, and I just had to leave my laptop in the car. What can I say, its 3 am, and I’m definitely not thinking of going anywhere near the front door.

I guess I finally understand when they say curiosity killed the cat. I just wanted to check if Kefe got life insurance and how much it was worth. How could I have known he would save such a thing as insurance.

There were videos of men having sex with young girls who assumed different positions. Some of it was practically rape. At least that’s what the first one was. I didn’t dare to watch another. I quickly shut down the computer and went to bed. I absolutely have no idea what to think. My mind is wandering, and my spidery senses are tingling, and I’m not sure how I feel about cuddling with my husband tonight. Whatever it is, I have to find out; that was what I thought before I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I tried to be as normal as possible.

I failed.

I know because several times before he left for work, Kefe asked if I was okay. I told him I felt terrible because Judge Jibade (my mentor) was still so depressed because of his daughter’s death and I was thinking of how to pitch my rehabilitation idea to him. Part of which is genuine but I do not feel bad about using his grief to convince him to invest in my teenage prostitute rehabilitation plan. It’s good for both of us and good for humanity.

He seemed surprised that I felt bad, it was the logical step to use the easiest way available to make things go my way. I kept searching for something in his facial expressions for something different, maybe I missed something all these years married to him. But he still looks like my charming, understanding husband that understood that what could be construed as cruel as rationality.

I began to wonder if he was just that good a liar or I misunderstood the situation, and I’m just paranoid. Whichever it is, I would find out.

I had to first off stop at Jibade’s place. Jibade aka Judge Jibade Johnson was at one time my professor and after that my mentor. He only had this one daughter who just had to get herself kidnapped and killed. She was a spoilt brat that didn’t understand responsibility, personal safety and the importance of discretion. Which is how she ended up being used as a bargaining chip to extort money from Jibade.

Hmm…… who am I to judge.

The poor man is heartbroken, and as much as I love him, I know that this is the best time to convince him to invest. The best way is to present it as a lifeline, as the universe giving him an olive branch to help other young misguided women.

His personal assistant let me in. Jibade was holed up in his study staring into the abyss when I walked in. He completely ignored me. I walked closer and held up my nose.

“Jibade Johnson, you stink” he ignored me. I kept trying to get his attention, He would stare at me and then close his eyes to pretend I’m not there.

“Jibade, I’m so sorry about Jumoke, but this is not the way to grieve her. Despite all her faults, I loved her, and we both know she won’t want this. If you want to die, let me know so I can help you get your affairs in order.” I said with as much of a straight face as I could muster.

He glared at me “don’t joke.”

“I’m not, you already look dead enough. Why don’t you find something meaningful to do, something that would make her death count for something. Create a foundation or invest in a scholarship or some poverty alleviating program” I paused.

“ What of your rehabilitation plan, how is it going” he said changing the topic.

“ Still searching for investors, the usual” I shrugged watching him for anything. After a minute he smiled like a lightbulb turned on in his head.

“ Why don’t I invest in it, It would get me out of the house and give me something else to think about,” he asked.

“ No way, I can’t let you do that, you are just a little bit emotional today, I would feel like I’m taking advantage of you,” I vehemently rejected him despite the smile that threatened to slip out on my anxious face.

“ How can you say that Uju, don’t you want me to get better, didn’t you just say I needed this”

he replied.


“No buts Uju, sign me up” he commanded.

I closed my eyes like I was thinking about it before letting out a fine. We spoke for another fifteen to thirty minutes before I left his house for the office.

One thing off my checklist. Now to find out exactly what my husband is hiding from me.

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