The 15th affair by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

It is the 15th in James Patterson’s women murder club series.

As always, remarkable book by James Patterson.

It’s about  Detective Lindsay Boxer. She has this husband who seems like a charming person. I was rooting for them when they initially started dating (in 3rd degree). Anyways, her seemingly perfect understanding husband is now a suspect in a series of murders. Her husband is supposed to be an airport security consultant. But now she sees him in almost all her crime scenes and then he disappears.

The story was about a series of murders that revolved around her husband and this blonde femme fatale (Allison Muller) that initially seemed to be either a victim or an innocent bystander. We eventually found out that both her husband and Allison work for CIA  and  Allison was planning to betray them to work for Chinese intelligence.

My heart was in my mouth when I kept thinking about how everything will blow to pieces if the father of the child and her husband is a serial killer of some kind. It would be the most epic, game of throne ish thing to happen, so I’m thrilled that it wasn’t that crazy.

Allison is described as a brilliant woman who knew how to push men’s buttons causing them to fall in love with her which always spelled doom for whoever the unlucky guy was. There were bits where we could see Detective Lindsay’s insecurities and how she was wondering whether Joe (her husband) still loved her or if he had restarted a relationship with this supposed siren of a woman.

I’m glad she’s dead.

At least there is no coming back for her — no escaping and coming back in like the 16th book.

It’s an excellent read that kept me on my toes throughout the day, and I would be looking out for the 16th book. Its titled 16th seduction.

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