The past is gone.

Have you ever been held back from doing some things because you think you’ve achieved more in the past? If you haven’t, I have.

I know not everyone has this issue, some of y’all are perfect and extra self motivated, so put together, excellent time management and organizational skills, can work in terrible situations, all that stuff you copy and paste on your resume. well, I’m not, in fact most times I’m just a mess or maybe that’s just how I feel today, maybe.

There are so many things I’ve done well in the past, excellently well but now, I’m just lazy and the goddess of procrastination. Every single time I want to do something, I hear this voice; my inner pride, remind me of my many achievements and I spend a whole lot of time singing my own praises, which is just ridiculous to be honest. I would have been doing really good work with that time.

Am I just being extra hard on myself?

I know for a fact I’m not the only one who feels this way, I’m sure of that. I just have one thing to say to myself and my fellow strugglers and that is let the past go; the positive and the negative. most people just let go of the latter and the truth which we fail to realize is that the former actually hinders our progress with a lot of things, you’ll do a whole lot better if you don’t spend 46minutes singing your own praises.

let it go, the past is gone.

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