Finding directions

I feel I’m at my prime

I’m about to be a butterfly

But I need a sense of purpose

I want to live responsibly

But I need directions


So I ask

I ask papa after lunch


My Papa looks at me squarely

You must never forget

Stick to school and books

You can change the world with it

Earn you a place among heroes


Must I

Is that the only way???


I ask Kemi how to live life

Unlike me, Kemi has a motto

Live like each day is her last

As each moment is her final

As each seduction is her last chase


I like it

But I need to be sure


So I ask my teacher, Miss Jane

She’s smart, so I listen

Learning is what is necessary

To transform dreams to reality

Make you the best version of you


I smile

Because I have big dreams


Sundays are always special

This Sunday, the pastor said

God has a purpose for you

Good plans, always good plans

Stick to him and find your path



What about my struggles???


Everyone has different opinions

So what I agree with

Is that in God is my path

He gave talent and education as tools

To make his plans my reality

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