I’ve got your number by Sophie Kinsella

I love reading Sophie Kinsella because she writes romantic comedies that are actually funny and playful and then serious.

So, the book is about Poppy Wyatt, who is a physiotherapist. She should be feeling satisfied with her life. She has two brothers who she cares about, is earning good money working as a physiotherapist and is about to get married to a handsome academic.

Sounds like something to be grateful for right???

Yep. Except now Poppy lost the ring that has been in her fiancé Magnus Tavish’s family for three generations, and she just realized that her in-laws may not be as excited as she is about getting married. She can’t help feeling inferior because the Tavishes are a family of accomplishes academians and know more words than she can imagine.

Talk about pressure!!!

In the midst of it, her phone got stolen, so there’s no way for the hotel to contact her if they find it. Just when she’s about to lose it, she sees a phone in a litter bin. Sam’s PA’s phone.

Sam is our male lead, he comes off as brusque and standoffish in his emails, but we later realize that there’s a lot more to him. She holds on to the phone because she needs it to find her ring and things spiral out of control when she begins to reply to all his messages.

Eventually, they fall in love, and she realizes that Magnus was a commitment-phobe just interested in getting through the marriage to prove that he’s not a quitter and his parents love her.

Two of my favorite scenes include:

  1. Page 78 where she bandages her hands to avoid being asked about the ring
  2. Page 130-132 where the ladies at the jewelry store thought Sam was her fiancé and he was making her pay for her engagement ring which was a simulated emerald (hahahahaha)

The hardcover is about 433 pages, and if you are just trying to relax or laugh, She’s your go-to girl.

Let me know if you want me to do a review of ‘Can you keep a secret’ also by Sophie Kinsella.

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