Illusion pt.4 (novelette)

Today is a good day, everything will be alright. I have nothing to worry about.

I chant to myself as I walk into my office because I want to believe it. My secretary Christina, efficient as always interrupts me with my schedule

“Ma’am, tea will be ready in a minute, all contracts to be reviewed before the 2 o’clock meeting have been placed on your table.

Pastor Daniel’s secretary called”

“What did he say”

“ He said he will see you on Sunday after the program on the condition that you attend the service”

“interesting, let him know I will attend and get all the details. Also, tell Demilade to come to my office in five minutes”

“Do we have a new case, ma’am?”

“Stop being nosy, Chris”

Demilade is our lead investigator and he’s also very efficient and discreet, so I figure he is the best person to handle my problem

“Christy ma’am, Christy” Christina whined bringing me out of my reverie

“ Okay, nosy Chris” I say as I walk in

You know how most people hate their jobs

Well, I don’t.

I absolutely love my job, well some parts of it, real estate law is terrific, and it foots the bills, but I’m passionate about human right violation, especially with delicate cases like teenage prostitution.

Not to be self-righteous, but I feel like I have made a difference with some of the cases I have encountered. I have always thought that the world can be a pretty shitty place, so we should do our best to help each other out.

So the big question

Why teenage prostitution??

Even though I want to be dramatic and tell you this tragic story about why it is important to me and how someone I loved died. It really is not that excessive. 

It’s more of a personal principle. I just think they have a higher probability of reformation and just need a chance. Its also because I understand that I have limits. So all I do is represent them in court, offer them counseling, and send them to NGO’s that specializes in that kind of cases.

Someone is knocking, probably Andrew

“Come in”

He walks in and takes a sit. Demilade is a tall, dark, and handsome man.

He is a Yoruba demon, not that I care as far as he is efficient.

“Is there a problem???”

“Demilade, I have a task for you, and I expect your utmost discretion, this is personal so if you are not comfortable with it, let me know”

“Okay, that sounds really serious” he said looking very interested

“ Find out what my husband is up to these days”

“What !!!, sorry okay ma’am,” he said awkwardly

I smiled sheepishly

“Do I need to repeat myself”

“No ma’am”

“ I expect a very detailed report, and I expect…”

Boma comes in interrupting my conversation

“ Uju you are finally here, I just about called Kefe to give him a scolding for making you unable to get up …” she stopped when she noticed someone else in the office

I was so embarrassed I blushed

This crazy girl, why can’t she give me some face

“ Demilade you can leave, I expect your report as soon as possible”

If the dude could fly I’m sure he would, he definitely did not want to be in the room.

“ What’s wrong with him, why is he acting so shy??

That sly Yoruba demon” she took a sit and stared at me

I know that look, it’s the one she always has on when she wants to guilt trip me into telling her things, so I immediately change the subject

“ I went to see Jibade today”

This would not be able to dissuade her usually. However, Boma recently developed a crush on Jibade. She insists it started when he was doing everything to find his daughter. She said there was just something manly and sexy about a vulnerable judge.

I told her she’s a psycho and now I’m throwing her bait, so I don’t have to lie to her about why I called Demilade.

“ How’s my baby, is he any better”

“He’s a wreck, but he will be busy and around soon so you can have a chance to shoot your shot”

“ Oh my God, don’t tell me you already asked him for money, the man is grieving!!!”

“ Don’t you get sanctimonious with me, it’s not like I stole his money or something. It was his suggestion”

“A suggestion you led him to”

“ It’s all for a good cause Boma”

“ How do you even sleep at night”

“Snug and warm baby, snug and warm” I replied with a smirk

We talk about a few unimportant things before getting to work, and eventually, the day comes to an end.

Right now I’m in the sitting room watching an episode of criminal minds season 14, I’m finally getting around to watching it, and I was so absorbed that I didn’t see Kefe walk in. I didn’t notice him until I felt a kiss on my cheek

“Babe, how could you be so disloyal ??

starting criminal minds without waiting for me, how can I ever trust you?”

He had this exaggerated look on his face that really made me laugh.

Irrespective of what happened or what I’m gonna find out, I just want to have a regular night with my husband, so I smothered him with kisses and whispered to him

“ Can you ever forgive me??”

I know I should tell him about me snooping on his laptop, but I can’t bring myself to shatter what we have now. Afterall, I may just be worried about nothing. And so I spent the rest of my week in marital bliss.

I had even forgotten about the incident, that was until I got a message from Demilade that his report on Kefe was on my table.

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