The Violets of March by Sarah Jio

 This is my first Sarah Jio’s book, and  I was very impressed.

There’s drama, romance, suspense, and tragedy.

In short, it’s a tearjerker.

The book is about Emily, a recent divorcee, and burnt-out author. Her ex-husband of five years was leaving her for a younger woman, and they were already engaged. The last straw for her was when she got their wedding invite. So when her weird aunt Bee invites her to go to Bainbridge to recuperate, she immediately agrees. Bainbridge had always been a place she loved when she was younger.

Once there, she begins to remember why she loved the place so much and keeps seeing pictures of a woman no one wants to talk about, a diary whose story seems to resound in her heart. In Bainbridge, she found love and understood loss, patience, and forgiveness.

It’s a sappy love story about love that literarily spans through a lifetime. It taught me to appreciate love and the chances we have to love each other without misconceptions or misunderstanding.

P.s. It’s just 293 pages

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