3rd degree by James Patterson and Andrew

This is the third book in the women’s murder club series. Let me introduce the main characters.

There’s Detective Lindsay Boxer, the medical examiner Mrs. Claire Washburn, Assistant DA Jill Burnheart and Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas. This book was about a series of killings that initially seemed like self- righteous killings. A group of people who called themselves August spies that wanted to kill big influencers in big corporations. From time to time, they would use resins to create havoc and kill their targets.

Turns out, Charles Danko (their general) was doing it not just to help people but because of his personal vendetta against the people that took down his elder brother who was also a part of such causes. One of the four women in the women’s murder club died. And it was the beginning of a blossoming romance between Detective Lindsay and Joe.




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