A Queen’s Monologue

Perhaps I  am far too selfish

Too optimistic and free-minded

Perhaps I really am a scheming wench

Who would flirt, seduce and steal

I have tricks, games, and wit

That bring many men to knees

But I do not deserve this


I crave wealth, splendor, dominance

I love you, your name and power

Your desire for me is enchanting

Tempting me to wield my power over you

I am a woman easily condemned

And my sins may never be forgotten

But I do not deserve this


I make no claims of sainthood

My wishes are in fact very few

Tis after all my retribution

But I am made of bone and blood

So, I wish peace for my family

Why is even this hard for you

 I do not deserve this



Once I was loved by you

A love you swore is eternal

Perchance, was I always mad

To have trust in such a fickle man

To have faith that I could keep him

My heart, O my heart is broken

 I do not deserve this


He discards me in disgrace

Unfeeling of past love and affection

Justifying himself in my faults

Calling me a witch and an adulterer

Both of which I cannot be

He tramples my honor and dignity

I do not deserve this


I hear he has found another

One who is young, blond and fertile

And I am to be killed

To be cursed as a depraved harlot

Who shares a bed with her kin

He will rid the world of my family

I do not deserve this

The hour of my death approaches

And all I can do is remember

I remember simpler times

Before there was any prejudice

And I pray for God’s forgiveness

That he may receive my soul

And Judge me fair, I do not deserve this

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