Dara (Part 2: Confrontation)

I would love to return to the moment before I knew. Before I heard a knock at my door and my whole world changed.
When I opened the door, there stood Mofe, her face littered with bruises.

Let me tell you a little about Mofe and me.

We met at Covenant University, she was studying Economics and I was studying Chemical engineering. We were roommates in our first year and we instantly clicked. It didn’t matter that we were never roommates again after that year. We stayed friends, Close friends.
After she graduated, we kinda stayed in touch.

Kinda being the operative word.

I guess life just got in the way. About a year ago, we met up and have stayed in touch since. Probably because we both stay in Lagos.
That’s not to say our friendship is superficial or based solely on proximity.

It just the way life is.

Mofe is special to me and we understand each other in more ways than one. Which is probably why my relationship with Kunle eats at me.

I can’t believe it!!!

“Mofe, what happened to you, where did all these bruises come from.”

“Can I come in first?”
“Sure, sorry” I let her sit down before I barrage her with questions
“Dara, calm down. It’s nothing. I just fell in Kunle’s bathtub.”
She’s lying, I know she is.

But Kunle would never.

But she was at Kunle’s place.

What is going on?!

“Mofe, tell me the truth, who did this to you, it couldn’t have been Kunle, right?”
I ask, even though everything in me is afraid of the answer
“No way, Kunle is a good man. I really fell. Can I stay here for a few days? I don’t want my parents to see me like this”

I can tell she wants to cry.
“ What about Kunle’s place.”
“ He traveled, can I stay?”
“Sure” I take her to my guest room.
She’s lying. Kunle is around. I know because I’m supposed to see him today. Why is she lying?
Why does she seem scared of him?
Maybe this is all a misunderstanding. I should see Kunle. I try to reassure myself, tell myself to wait till 7pm because that’s when we are supposed to meet up.

But I can’t.
Before 5pm, I call him and we agree to meet somewhere discreet. For the first time, seeing him does not excite me.

He seems pleased, I stop him before he can kiss me
“Kunle, did you see the bruises on Mofe’s face?”

“I did, It crazy how clumsy she is” he laughed

Why is he laughing??? what’s so funny?
“Yeah, didn’t she tell you? She fell in my bathtub, I had to put ice on it this morning. If that isn’t clumsy, I don’t know what is”

She fell in the bathtub. That is all that kept ringing in my ears, what bathtub?
Is this guy playing with me?
What kind of shitty story is that?
Do I look that stupid? No way, there must be a reason, some logical explanation for this.
I don’t know what I was expecting.
Maybe I wanted him to defend himself, to tell me it was all a mistake
“Dara, is something wrong? You don’t look so good.”
It takes Kunle’s worried voice in the background to bring me back to reality. This reality, where the man I am in love with hits his fiancé and laughs about it.
“Kunle, I want you to tell me the truth, did you hit Mofe?”
“What!!! What?!!, are you high? I would never hit a woman.”
“Do I look stupid to you, fell in your bathtub, what kind of stupid excuse is that?” I roared
“Why would I need an excuse, that’s what happened. What kind of crazy story have you cooked up in your head.”
“So now I’m crazy.”
“Did Mofe tell you that I hit her, or is that just one more excuse for you to break up with me again.?”
“You a**hole. I saw her face, she didn’t have to tell me anything.”

“Dara, I love you, but I can’t do this with you anymore, stop making unreasonable excuses so you can justify why we shouldn’t be together.”

“Fine, If I see even a scratch on Mofe’s face again, I’m coming for you.”

I walk away, so upset. How can he even deny it?
Who does he think he is, taking that righteous tone with me?
As I sit in my car, tears finally roll down.
What have I just done? I love him so much.
Maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe she really fell in the bathtub.

Should I call him back? I don’t want to lose him.

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