Dara (Part 3: Revelation)

No matter how much my heart aches and I want to call him, I don’t
Because I remember that I promised myself to never be like my mother. Never stay with a man that hits a woman.
But why did he look so surprised?
I refuse to believe that she fell in the bathtub but what if that is the truth?
Am I just making a mountain out of a molehill?
But why would Mofe lie to me?
She really looked afraid of him.
I don’t know what to believe. I need to speak to Mofe again.
I drive back home.
I wanted to speak to Mofe immediately I got home but then I realized.
She never said he hit her, won’t she be suspicious if I keep asking questions.
What to do?
But Mofe is already asleep, she must be very tired and in pain. I tuck her in and put off the light.
How can I sleep?
Three days later, she moved back to Kunle’s place despite my protests.
What can I do?
I haven’t spoken to Kunle since our last fight.
It’s been a week and I miss him so much. Our relationship might really be over this time around.
I need to see him.
I hear a knock at my door. It’s too early for visitors.
What if it’s Kunle?
So I rush to open the door and there stands Mofe. She looks livid and beat up.
Did Kunle tell her about us?
Did he hit her again?
My heart leaps in my chest and I hope I’m wrong
“What’s wrong with you, Mofe”
“You, you are what’s wrong with me Dara”
She knows! She knows!
“What do you mean, did Kunle beat you up again” I stutter
“When did I ever say Kunle beat me up, why can’t you mind your business?”
“What did you tell Kunle, who asked you to confront him. Are you happy now? See what you have done to me” she continued
The first thing I feel is relief.
So she doesn’t know.
Then guilt.
“Come in first. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. It just you know how I feel about men that hit women. I was just so angry”
“Kunle is different, he is really good to me. He just has a temper. That’s all”
“That does not give him the right to hit you. You guys are not even married yet” I roared
“It’s not like that” she tries to calm me down
“Do you really believe that. You know, my mother used to say the same thing about my dad, she was always so afraid of him. I could never understand it. She was a lion at work. People respected her but once my dad shouted, she would turn into a timid mouse. Did I ever tell you why she finally left him?” I tell her and reminisce
“He beat her one day till she was unconscious. When we rushed her to the hospital, the doctor said she had miscarried a three-months pregnancy. She didn’t even know she was pregnant. That was her wake-up call” I don’t think I ever told anyone this part of my story but Mofe needs to hear this.
“Dara, the truth is whenever, he gets angry. I become so afraid, what if he kills me? The worst part is, I don’t think my parent will care.
I don’t want to marry him. I don’t want to die.
Dara I’m so ashamed.” She breaks down in tears and I hug her.
What can I do? What can I do for her?
She looks so sad.
How could I not have seen him for who he is? How could I have fallen in love with such a scumbag?
How can he do this to her.
“We’ll figure this out” I say to reassure both of us even if I’m not sure what to do.
I need to speak to him.
To understand why.
I feel so betrayed. So after I put Mofe to sleep, I head out. I have to speak to him.
The entire drive there, I keep thinking about what to say to him, but nothing comes to mind.
When I finally see him, I try to reconcile the monster that hit Mofe with the suave, sweet man that I fell in love with.

But I just can’t.

How did he do it. How did he deceive me so much that I didn’t even have a clue of what he is truly capable of?
That is what makes me sooo mad.
“Why are you so surprised to see me Kunle, I told you if you hit Mofe again I will come for you”

He looks tired
“Dara, what else are you accusing me of, it’s too late for this shit”
Right then I lose it
“So, you don’t think repeatedly beating your fiancée is worth discussing. What kind of man beats up a woman?”
“I know that Mofe didn’t tell you that so where did you hear that from?”
What does he mean Mofe won’t tell me that? What has he been doing to her? Is that why she is so scared of him?
“Dara, I know this is just one of your excuses so we can break up again, I know you love me” Kunle says in a husky tone I still consider sexy.
His right hand reaches for my waist while his other hand grabs my chin. I can’t help it, I kiss him.
Maybe I would have done it again, but the images of my mum slapped around jolted me back to reality and I slapped him hard.
I see Mofe standing by the door looking at both of us in shock.
I come back to my senses.

Oh God I’m screwed!!!

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