Hope can be a scary thing, especially when you are out of options.

Let’s talk about my experience.

For the past week and half since I moved into my new apartment, I haven’t had internet. The COVID-19 virus means I have to self-install my modem and since it’s a plug-in, I thought it would be easy right?


So, my modem kept flashing this annoying orange light that means it’s not connected, so I call for technical assistance and they say the earliest appointment I can get is on Thursday which is six days away.

Six whole days!

That threw me. On a normal occasion, I wouldn’t be as pissed as I was, except, I still have classes to attend online and a paper and two assignments to research on, and how am I going to survive in this period?

I take the appointment and stay at a friend’s place for like three days and attend my class. But I like my own space, so I come back home. Luckily my sister is here, and I have data on my phone, so I make do. I’m thinking just wait it out till Thursday and you can start everything then.

After Thursday, the modem light turned flashing green and the technician said I should wait it out, that it’s downloading whatever software it needs and it should take an hour. I wait two hours and thirty minutes before I call back, and they scheduled another visit for Friday morning.

I’m thinking, it’s just a minor setback. On Friday, the technician came with a new modem for me to try out, and when that didn’t work, he said there’s nothing he can do until the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Nothing he can do?

Pandemic is over?

Is that a joke?

So, I get reasonably upset, I do stupid things when I get upset, even if it is reasonable.

I canceled the service.

I decided to go with another internet provider, but they can’t schedule an installation until Wednesday(the next week).

My mom insisted that we call again to discuss our options with them, and so I did, and some guy in technical services convinced us that it would be working before the next day, but it didn’t.

Again, we called technical services early on Saturday morning and they scheduled another appointment with a technician for Sunday afternoon.

After the guy did what he did, he informed us that he fixed the modem issue, but my internet provider had canceled the service.

Be aware that after the conversation on Friday evening, I called back to ensure the request for the cancellation was canceled, and they put in a request to that effect.

So, what went wrong?

Once again, I called customer service and had to listen to that dreadful automated machine go on, and on, and on before I could finally speak to someone.

She said that my request to cancel the cancellation was still pending and she was going to escalate it, which wouldn’t take more than another 24 hours. Despite my experience in the last week and against my better judgement, I believed her, and I hoped and waited.

That night, half of me wrestled with my acceptance that the modem might never actually work, and another part hoped that just maybe tomorrow will be different.

But it isn’t!

So, I call again and whoever picked up tells me that I have to wait, and it will get sorted out in 24 hours and something in me snaps.

I have spent the last week hoping with no results and that flickering expectation hurts more that my lack of internet does.

I’m very disappointed!




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