Adunni’s Scandal (Part 1)

I have this story to tell.

A story that is not mine, but I will tell it anyway because it is by all accounts an accurate depiction of the complexity of human emotions.

My class is a mess.

I’m in my third year in a private university in the western region of Nigeria studying Economics

I say this so you can understand the context of the situation (the big picture). I say this because I want to plead with you to cast away your preconceived judgements and just follow my ‘not my story’ story.

Her name is Adunni.

Adunni is in my program, and like me, she is in her third year. Unlike me, she was ‘the girl.’ The one who did all the assignments right. The one with the best grades and could possibly win the best graduating student award.

Don’t assume because she’s all these things, she meek and unassuming.

Nah, no, Adunni is a force to be reckoned with. I don’t say this lightly, and this is not because I want you to like her.

Adunni is one of those focused, confident and compassionate people. She would always say that her priorities were God, school, her family and Chuks.

I respect her, I appreciate the fact that even though we don’t always see eye to eye on most matters, she would still help me out with schoolwork. Always.

I guess that’s why it’s not exactly easy to hate her.  Her best friend (second-in-command) is Sharon.

 Sharon is someone I can definitely get on board with hating.  She is one of those warm and fuzzy optimistic people that you absolutely hate when you’ve had a bad day.

Because you can’t understand how they can’t see the ugliness that exists.

Sharon is one of those that could be the best if she put in a little work into school because, unlike the rest of us, she has a photographic memory. However, she would instead focus on watching Korean dramas or talking about taking life easy.

I just can’t understand how those two are best friends. I would probably just strangle her one day when I’m reading, and she’s watching a Korean drama next to me.

Let’s not even discuss the Korean drama thing because I don’t understand it. What happened to all the great shows where they actually speak something I can understand without looking for subtitles.

So I can’t and won’t discuss it.

So back to the story.

Adunni and Sharon hardly ever fight. At least to the best of my knowledge. As far as I know, the only time they fought (it was a big one) was about Sharon’s ex-boyfriend Ekene.

Ekene is also Adunni ‘s nemesis. As I said before, my class is a mess.

Those two just hate each other. Some say it began in the first year of school when the two of them were paired up for a class project. Ekene being the resident slacker, didn’t contribute to the project, and Adunni; being who she is; had to do all the work.

She once told me that he was shamelessly manipulative, and that was what she hated about him. He could do what he did because he was sure that she would do all the work. She said he took time out to understand her quirks and take advantage of it.

Perhaps that is why she never supported his relationship with Sharon. Maybe Adunni was afraid he would break her.

He definitely didn’t win any points with her when they broke up, and Sharon kept begging him to get back together with her.

Ah! That was kinda pathetic because everyone knew he cheated on her. This wasn’t some open secret that everyone but her was aware of. The rumour is, she caught him cheating over the holidays, and they broke up. So why exactly is she begging for a second chance?

Unfortunately, their failed relationship is not the topic of conversation, it just serves to highlight the messed up relationship between these three people. And let’s not forget Chuks.

Chuks, Adunni ‘s handsome and ever-supportive boyfriend. Another person in my messed up class. I always tell them, “don’t eat where you poop.”

But nobody listens, which is why my messed up class is like something out of a soap opera.

Why do I know so much?

That’s easy, I listen well. And because I listen well, people always seem to spill their secrets in front of me. Most would consider me open-minded and friendly because all I do is listen. But who listens to me? Who can hear my story?

I sound crazy!, this story, the one I will in moments begin, changed something in me, and I guess even if it’s not a story about me, It is my story.

So it began on what should have been a regular Thursday. Thursdays are awesome because I only have one class.

But on this Thursday, I could tell there was something different about the class.  I didn’t have to wait long before a friend pulled me to watch a video that had been circulating on Twitter.

I’m not sure shocked is enough to explain how I felt at that moment.

It was a video of Adunni dancing in nothing but an apron.

Author’s corner

So excited to finally put up this story!!!

let me know if you like my story


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