Adunni’s Scandal (Part 4)

She’s lying!!!

How could things be so mysterious?

Nobody knows?

What kind of answer is that? What does that even mean?

Well somebody definitely knows something.

I begin to wonder if there truly is a conspiracy.

I don’t consider myself an amebo[1], I don’t ask people about their business. I would rather observe and draw my own conjecture which I keep to myself.

People usually tend to volunteer to tell me stuff because I’m a good listener. But I can’t stand it when someone tells me things out of their own volition and it’s a lie.

I mean, just say you can’t say or plead the fifth. Why do you have to lie? Does she think we are in an episode of ‘supernatural’.

But I don’t say anything to her, I smile because now I have to find out the truth, even though it’s not any of my business.

A week went by before we found out the school’s verdict on the case. I don’t know what there is to judge, considering the culprit has still not been found.

Both were given a semester’s worth of counselling sessions with the school’s chaplaincy. Sharon was given four weeks of community service for making pornographic material (and I am quoting this word for word) and Adunni was suspended from school for two weeks.

Most people thought it was for the best. That it would give her a chance to recuperate and for all the talk to subside.

Inspite of my curiosity and intention to play ‘detective’, I had to let sleeping dogs lie for the sake of everyone else. The who of ‘who did it’ is supposedly one of the mysteries of our hostel along with whether the girl who made a spectacle of committing suicide really wanted to jump.

I have my theories, some probably outrageous but then again, I am a bit of a romantic when it comes to mysteries and suspected love triangles.

I really believe that Sharon uploaded those photos. I really believe that Adunni covered for her out of shame, guilt, or loyalty. Things I could sense as they looked at each other after the disciplinary hearing. I could sense guilt, disappointment and betrayal and I was a ‘teeny bit’ curious.

Maybe I really didn’t sense it, maybe I projected it, or imagined it. But what is the alternative?

That someone coincidentally saw Sharon taking pictures and videos of semi-naked Adunni and hated Adunni so much that she waited for them to leave the iPad, retrieve the pictures, and cover her tracks so well.

This alternative is too scary to think about, to imagine that we are all potential victims and the  places that we consider as a safe space might not be safe after all.

I should mention that Sharon and Chuks started dating as soon as her community service punishment was over. And in case you have forgotten Chucks, he is the Adunni’s supposed boyfriend who refused to talk on the issue.

Just when things started to de-escalate, they announced that they were together. And I’m not speaking figuratively. Chuks came to the front of class one Tuesday and announced it. He said everything that happened brought them together. Things erupted after that. Being around them was really awkward and even though the relationship between Sharon and Chuks didn’t last a semester, Sharon and Adunni were never friends again.

In retrospect, it seems silly that I did not consider the possibility that Chuks had a role in this matter considering how quickly he turned on Adunni and that he’s kind of a computer nerd.

I don’t think I’m a very good detective.

But that is really despicable, if what I think to be true is true.

That is something!!!

I should probably also mention that Ekene and Adunni started dating after Chuks and Sharon.

So much drama!!!

The end

I remember you

I remember us

I remember when we were inseparable

When it was you and me against the world

When we dreamt of forever friendships

I remember and miss you so

And sometimes I wonder, do you even remember me

Did you even love me?

Were we ever friends?

Then how could this be

How could this friendship once-solid

Crumble to its foundation

How did we reach the point of no return

[1] – amebo is a Nigerian slang for someone that likes to gossip


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