When I was five

All I knew were toys

Maybe a little about boys

Not that they were important

I was happy playing in the sand

I just wanted to be happy

Then I was nine

I knew I was pretty

I was sure I could be kind

I wanted to help and care

I wanted to serve a noble cause

I wanted to be a doctor

By the time I turned thirteen

I already had my first crush

Boys were not unimportant

But my parents did not agree

I’m almost sure I hate then

I wanted to grow up

And then I turned seventeen

I was full of it

Full of ideas, vigor, and life

I was ready for the world

I was prepared for a fight

I wanted to change the world

Then I turned twenty-one

I was so excited

I was finally legal for everything

I could do whatever I wanted

I could be whoever I dreamt

I just wanted to be rich

Now I’m twenty-three

I still want to change the world

I still want to be rich

Now I want to be young again

Many things have changed

But I’m still a dreamer


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