I Was Wrong

He’s good with Kids

That’s the first thing I noticed

He never looked more handsome,

Than when he spoke about what he loved

I could feel the power in his passion

I could feel the depth in him

He’s perfect

I was wrong


When people ask me why I stay

All they see is a coward

I tell them I see the real him

The him only me can bring

The man that loves children

One full of passion and ambition

No man is perfect

I was wrong


In a short while, he changed

At least that’s how I saw it

His passion became anger

Unfulfilled ambition became rage

His stress needed an outlet

I have to be there for him

We could be perfect

I was wrong


She  always asks why I forgive him

But she doesn’t know him like I do

She doesn’t see the good that he is

It’s really not his fault

He’s just damaged like me

We are two damaged people in love

How is that not perfect

I was wrong


But why is this love so shameful

Why is it ripping me apart

Why is my love not enough for him

I’m really smart in all except this

That I cant, imagine a life without him

So I always believe him

This is anything but perfect

Oh I was wrong


She says he has a carrot and a stick

He is master, and I’m his slave

So he dotes on me too well

That I forget about the stick

So every strike is my fault

Till he wears down my identity

I laugh, she’s a drama queen

But I know she’s right

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