How to make Killer 9ja Jollof

Rice-2 cups
Atarodo puree- ½ cup
Tomato puree- 1 cup
Tomato paste- 2 sachets
Garlic powder- ½ teaspoon
Ginger powder- ½ teaspoon
Onions- ¼ cup of chopped onions
Soybean/canola/groundnut/olive/avocado oil- ½ cup
Beef or Chicken broth- 2 cups
Salt (to taste)
Knorr/maggi chicken or regular cubes (seasoning)

1. Place a pot on your stove/burner
2. Add ½ cup of oil to the pot
3. Add chopped onions
4. Add tomato puree (crushed or blended tomatoes) and fry till it becomes dark red /scarlet
5. Add tomato paste and atarodo puree and stir till you can see consistency in the sauce
6. Add Chicken/beef broth and add salt and Knorr/maggi chicken or regular cubes (as desired)

7. Add ginger and garlic puree to the mixture and stir
8. Add already washed rice and stir (ensure consistency)
9. Seal the pot with aluminum foil and cook on low heat

Cooking time: 45 minutes

Chef’s note:
• Make sure the mixture covers the rice
• The pot should be completely sealed with aluminum foil
• Atarodo is also called Scotch bonnet pepper
• Any vegetable oil can be used as substitute

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